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The incredible momentum of Team Anita has not slowed down one bit since winning the Liberal nomination for Ottawa West-Nepean last month. Anita has kept busy attending events in the community and reaching out to constituents!

Campaign training and door -to-door  canvassing is also in full swing! You can help lay the groundwork for a  successful campaign and big Liberal win in  2015. If you want to be part of our winning team and help elect an amazing  Member of Parliament in 2015, get started by sending a quick email to Anita brings to the table a blend of impressive international credentials as an expert on democracy and human rights, along with a a refreshing personal and grassroots approach to politics.

Here's a pic from the latest "train the trainers" session, hosted by our regional Liberal party fieldworker. Come out to learn how you can help us win in Ottawa West-Nepean!

What a week of of inspiring women! On Monday Anita was invited by MP Yvonne Jones for lunch on Parliament Hill with fellow Ottawa Liberal candidates Karen McCrimmon and Catherine McKenna. That evening Anita was a guest of Hon. Bob Chiarelli for the Trillium dinner with Premier Kathleen Wynne.  To finish up an amazing week, Anita was the keynote speaker for the University of Ottawa Equal Voice chapter "She will Run" series to encourage women in politics. Anita spoke about her experience working with women all around the world on women's political participation. Anita has been a longtime supporter of Equal Voice and is passionate about encouraging more women to enter political life. What an amazing group of young women and men who came out! .Let's help change the status's to supporting more women in politics! 
Lunch with MP Yvonne Jones and fellow Liberal candidates          Karen McCrimmon and Catherine McKenna, November 24th 2014

Trillium Dinner with the Hon. Bob Chiarelli and 
Premier Kathleen Wynne

       "She Will Run"series keynote speaker, November 27th 2014

This past Wednesday Anita attended the "Unpacking our Voting System" event at the First Unitarian Church, hosted by Fair Vote Canada and the Ottawa Action Network. A wonderful skit by the Lakeside Players and speech by Elizabeth May. We need to reform our electoral system to make it more fair. The turn-out tonight shows that many others agree. Let's have more events like this to create more dialogue.

We ARE the winning team!

We won!!! Thanks so much to my amazing team and to all the members of the Ottawa West-Nepean Federal Liberal Association for putting your confidence in me. Now the hard work begins! I am so proud to be joining Team Justin Trudeau - Anita Vandenbeld

On behalf of the entire Youth for Anita team, congratulations Anita! We are so proud to be supporting you in your journey to become the next Member of Parliament for Ottawa West-Nepean.  You are truly an inspiration. Your tremendous effort has payed off , but like you said ..." Now the hard work begins!". We need to keep this momentum, organization and energy going into the general election in 2015. Now with Anita as our formidable candidate, we can win big and turn this riding RED next year! Thank you to all the incredible volunteers and supporters who helped make this possible, and thanks to all of the nomination contestants for  a spirited race. 

Now, check out this amazing picture (my personal favorite so far):

More to come (including pictures from the big day)... stay tuned!

Youth for Anita Team

ps. can't wait for the team photo after we win in Ottawa West-Nepean! 

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