Liberals are listening - and we want to hear from you on Sunday for the platform townhall! While Conservatives like John Baird are more interested in yelling at you, Liberals are listening. Click the link above to RSVP to a special live town hall with Michael Ignatieff as he unveils the Liberal platform and takes your questions. Liberals have already committed to investing in learning and families with fresh ideas like the Learning Passport, the Liberal Family Home Care Plan, and the Early Childhood Learning and Care Fund, so join with us this Sunday to see how the Liberals will move Canada forward.

New campaign Twitter account - please follow @OWN_Anita Please follow this volunteer run account to get updates straight from the campaign trail! We're really stepping up our social media efforts and want to hear from you!

Learning Passport speaks to me I'm not going to break out the Kinnock/Biden line about coal miners and being the first in my family to go to school due to it being, you know, not true, but the Learning Passport announced by the Liberal Party today really does speak to me. My family has always placed a high value on education. We might come from humble means, but my parents were both always proud of having attained higher education, and instilling in both myself and my sister the value of learning and higher education. These values of self-improvement and advancing yourself are true Canadian values. However, neither myself or my sister would have had the opportunity to attend post-secondary school without things like OSAP, scholarships, grants, and bursaries, so the Liberal Party making the largest annual investment in non-repayable federal student assistance in Canadian history is a great thing for students. Youth and education should come before hitting your wallet for corporate tax breaks and uncounted prison scheming.

Catch Anita on CBC at 5:15!

Anita will be interviewed by CBC Radio 1 at 5:15, make sure to listen!

Iris St: A small-scale Ottawa West-Nepean

Just got back from canvassing Iris St with Anita, with pretty positive results. The issues and concerns that families have on this street really the ones that are important for the riding as a whole. We got more than a few sign requests, and lots of voters agree with us that they deserve an MP who listens to them, not one that just yells at them.

On a more personal level, hearing the stories of individual Canadians and hard-working families really inspired me. Anita spoke to a group of a four young nursing students who were excited to start a life in the health care sector, but were worried about the future of our public health care system. They were very happy to hear that Anita and the Liberal Party will take a strong stand to ensure our health care system will remain public and affordable.

The Conservatives say this election is all about the economy, and plenty of voters agreed - voters like the many civil servants we spoke to who are concerned about economic security for their families with jobs and pensions for public service workers who live in Ottawa West-Nepean at risk under Harper. Anita and the Liberals will be proud of the thousands of hard-working Canadian families who work in the public service in Ottawa West-Nepean, not put them on the firing line just to satisfy Conservative partisans.

Anita is in a campaign meeting right now with dozens of volunteers, then we'll be heading back out talking to (and more importantly) listening to voters and families.

1 down - 35 to go!

Great first day for the Anita campaign. We started off in the morning with dozens of campaign volunteers in the office listening to Anita's inspiring speech, and then hit the doors running. I personally canvassed 2 polls yesterday, and Ottawa West-Nepean families agree that after 5 years of an MP who spends his time yelling at you, they deserve an MP who listens to them.

In between a couple of canvasses, Anita's youth team was very well represented at the first big rally of the Liberal campaign, joining with over 1,000 Liberals across the national capital region.

I'm at the campaign office right now just about to head out to the doors, so join with us and help beat Baird!

Ottawa Citizen article with Anita!

The Anita media blitz continues, with a great article in the Citizen about some local candidates, with Anita leading right off the bat!

Anita Vandenbeld was picked in November to represent the Liberals in Ottawa West-Nepean. She will be running against high-profile Conservative John Baird.

“We did canvassing training this week. Saturday morning we will be setting up a big canvassing blitz,” she said. “We have our brochures, we have our signs, everything is ready to go.”

Vandenbeld, who opened her campaign office on Richmond Road earlier this week, said she already has a staff of several hundred volunteers anxious to participate.

“I think people are quite optimistic and enthusiastic,” she said. Donations have started rolling in, but Vandenbeld says she intends to send out a fundraising letter to her base in the near future.

Our youth team makes the news

Canadian Press story which ran nation-wide about the impending fall of the Harper regime featured a little bit about the Anita Vandenbeld youth team:

"The Liberal non-confidence motion reads: "That the House agrees with the finding of the standing committee on procedure and House affairs that the government is in contempt of Parliament, which is unprecedented in Canadian parliamentary history, and consequently, the House has lost confidence in the government."

While the writ has yet to drop, the parties had all swung into election mode by midday Wednesday...the Liberals dogged an event in Tory MP John Baird's riding handing out campaign literature."

If John Baird thinks he can skate to re-election on a budget that does nothing for Ottawa West-Nepean, he's wrong.

The "Way to go Jimmy!" budget

"Way to go Jimmy!"

That's what Steve Paikin reports John Baird said to Jim Flaherty after presenting the Harper regime tough on wallet's scheming for the next year.

And what is it that makes John Baird so happy?

Maybe it's spending 1000x more of your tax dollars on warplanes than on post-secondary students.

Maybe it's spending 1000x more of your tax dollars on prison scheming than crime prevention programs that keep families safe.

Maybe it's spending more of your tax dollars on the G20 for one weekend than on Canadian seniors.

John Baird says the Harper regime is doing a great job. We say hard working Canadian families deserve better, like investments in family home care, strong pensions that Canadian families (not just "pathetic" Nortel pensioners) can rely on, support for higher education and families with children in school, and quality child care.

Election or no election, we'll be working in Ottawa West-Nepean to present a positive alternative.

Great video of Anita canvassing with youth team!

From Capital News Online. And don't forget to check out our canvassing training session this Tuesday evening: and our canvass blitz this Saturday:

Join us for canvassing training and a canvassing blitz!

The Anita Vandenbeld team is working hard talking to hard working Canadian families and listening to the scandal ridden Harper regime, but we need your help!

This week, we've got two great canvassing events coming up. On Tuesday evening, we're having a canvassing training session with Marlene Catterall, former MP for Ottawa West-Nepean.!/event.php?eid=137879729614069&index=1

And this Saturday, election or no election, we're having our first big canvassing blitz from the new campaign office! Come out for breakfast provided by the campaign, stay to knock on some doors and join the team that will beat Baird!!/event.php?eid=205389192820233

A Canadian is a Canadian is a Canadian and the answer to Canada's democracy problem.

Michael Ignatieff is a Canadian, much the same as you and I. He has a background similar to many Canadians who have come to make Canada their home from another country because they saw the hope and equality of opportunity in our great nation. And he has a vision for Canada:

Anita Vandenbeld's story is another great Canadian story, as the daughter of immigrant parents who came to Canada to make a better life. And they did. She grew up with a determined and hardworking ethic, contributing successfully to both the business and government worlds. She worked at multiple jobs to put herself through school. Her hard work and dedication paid off and brought her to working for the United Nations to promote democracy and women's rights around the world.

Because of this work, Anita knows that you deserve better than this lack of demoracy and believes that you deserve an MP who listens to you, and a government that works for your priorities, defends democratic principles and provides representation for you. John Baird is off defending Minister Oda and the PMO's corruption, scandals, lack of transparancy and accountability instead of listening to the constituents of Ottawa West-Nepean. Even in 2009, John Baird admitted they will "replace accountability with corruption":


In Stephen Harper's own words:

Ottawa West-Nepean and Canada deserve better - Canadians Anita Vandenbeld and Michael Ignatieff are the answer.

New Liberal ads out - watch and share!

This one attacks Harper for thinking he can get away with abusing your Canadian democracy.

Michael Ignatieff talks about the need for a government that focuses on what hard-working Canadian families deserve, like better pensions and job opportunities, not hitting your wallet to hand out corporate tax breaks.

Harper hit the family budget to promote himself - $26 million worth

At a time when gas prices are skyrocketing, the cost of food rising ever higher, what is the Harper regime doing for Canadian families?

Taking $26 million out of your pockets to pay for Harper's self-promoting partisan ad blitz.

The Harper regime is already taking $1,000 from every Canadian family to pay for warplanes it tried to hide the cost of, and they have been in contempt for refusing to let the Canadian people know how much the tough on wallets prison scheming will hit families. Ottawa West-Nepean families deserve better than a government that hits the family budget to pay for the Harper regime's self promoting politics.

Our democracy is not a game, John Baird

With the Conservative regime facing multiple violations after the Speaker's ruling, what did John Baird say today in Question Period when forced to defend the regime's actions?

He called being in contempt of Parliament, and violating the sacred trust that Canadians put in our elected bodies, "distractions".

What did his political boss Stephen Harper call our democracy? A "game".

Ottawa West-Nepean families deserve better than an MP and a regime that sees your democracy as a "game".

We said they thought they could get away with it...they can't

The Harper regime hit a wall today in it's ongoing battle with the public interest and letting you know what they are doing with your tax dollars.

"Speaker Peter Milliken has found the Conservatives in contempt of Parliament, handing powerful ammunition to opposition claims the Harper government’s autocratic behaviour represents an abuse of power...a powerful rebuke.

The Liberals asked Mr. Milliken to rule on whether International Co-operation Minister Bev Oda misled Parliament when she said she did not know who had altered a document that deprived a foreign-aid group of funding. Ms. Oda later told Parliament that it was she who had ordered the document be changed...The Liberals also accused the government of failing to provide sufficient information about the costs of its...prisons."

And of course, John "Bev Oda is doing a great job" Oda was standing behind his backroom political bosses and not standing up for the taxpayers and families of Ottawa West-Nepean, who deserve an MP who listens to them, and stands up for everyday concerns like the family budget and not handing out tax breaks to big corporations.

Statement by Michael Ignatieff on "IAW"

A strong statement from Michael Ignatieff on so-called "Israeli Apartheid Week".

“The voices of anti-Semitism and intolerance have no place in Canada, in the Middle East, or anywhere in the world. All Canadians – and all university students – have the right to feel safe and secure in our communities, regardless of who they are or what they believe.

“On behalf of the Liberal Party of Canada and our parliamentary caucus, I urge all Canadians to join with us in once again condemning Israeli Apartheid Week here in Canada and around the world.”

Harper's self promoting ad blitz hits your wallet

While the Conservatives continue to duck and weave about telling you how hard their tough on wallet's prison scheming, this article lays out all the facts about Harper's self promoting on your wallet, to the tune of $20 million. Every poster, every sign, every TV, internet and radio ad trying to make you think that everything is ok is hitting you right in your wallet.

And all this while the Conservatives plan to hand out a big corporate tax break while having no plan to cut the deficit. Ottawa West-Nepean families deserve better than Stephen Harper reaching into their wallet to promote himself and hand out breaks to big business when small businesses and middle-class consumers are still feeling the burden of Harper's reckless spending of your tax dollars.

Ottawa West-Nepean families deserve an MP who will stand up for them in tough times and listen to them, not take orders from Harper and his backroom political boys. Ottawa West-Nepean families deserve better than a government who takes from their family budget to promote itself, they deserve a government that will give them choice in homecare and ensure that we invest in the priorities families need like jobs and good healthcare. With Anita Vandenbeld, Ottawa West-Nepean will have an MP who listens to families and everyday Canadian concerns.

They think they can get away with it

With the Conservatives scheming and political games now exposed by the Federal Court of Appeal, Harper and Baird have been exposed again - they don't like playing by the rules, and these guys really don't like letting you know what they are up to.

Be it John Baird running cover for Bev Oda, saying that her misleading the House, and betraying hard working Canadians and churches who supported Kairos was "the right thing to do", or Harper dismissing accusations that he broke the rules that Canadians are supposed to live by, they are betting on one thing - they think they can get away with it.

They think Canadians don't pay attention, don't care. Just like how they can rule over the highest youth unemployment on record and think that won't matter, because youth won't go vote. Just like how they think they can hide from Canadians the truth about how their tough on wallets schemes and political games is hitting the family budget, when hard working families deserve to know if their government is working for them. Just like how John Baird takes his marching orders from Harper and Conservative backroom boys. He thinks they are his boss, not the people of Ottawa West-Nepean.

We're out in Ottawa West-Nepean, talking to Nortel pensioners (who were dismissed by the Conservative blogs as "pathetic"), seniors worrying about government inaction on pensions, new Canadians who felt the wrath of Conservative attacks on immigrant settlement programs in Ontario, and hard working families who just feel like their MP, and their government, isn't working and standing up for them. Ottawa West-Nepean families deserve better, and Anita Vandenbeld will be an MP who listens to you.

"Let her speak!"

Once again, rather than stand up for Ottawa West-Nepean families, John Baird is running damage control for Bev Oda, and not telling Canadian families how they are using their tax dollars. Baird is being exactly the MP Harper wants him to be, not the MP Ottawa West-Nepean families need him to be. The Liberals were just chanting "Let her speak!" during Question Period when once again, John Baird stood up and ran damage control for Oda misleading Canadian families and churches.

When the Liberals stand up for Canadian families and their wallets, and demand that the Conservatives come clean, what does John Baird say about Bev Oda misleading the House?

He says she is doing a great job, is courageous, and is doing the right thing. John Baird thinks you not knowing how tax dollars from your wallet are being spent "is the right thing". John Baird thinks misleading Canadian churches is "courageous".

John Baird thinks his real boss is Stephen Harper and the backroom Conservative boys. His real boss are Canadian families, and the people of Ottawa West-Nepean, and they deserve better.
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